Interior Design Company Evade Outstanding Payment to Supplier
JMS Rogers Crafty Evader Meets our Mettle

Interior Design Company Evade Outstanding Payment to Supplier

Our client was contracted to deliver materials to a local interior design company early this year. 

In February 2020, owing to the evasion of outstanding payment, our client pursued legal action against the evading interior designers at the Small Claims tribunal. It was decided in lieu of the evading company’s absence to the Small Claims Tribunal that our client was entitled to full restitution of $6262.62/-. 

After many futile attempts to contact the evading company, our client was exhausted and did not wish to expend more resources on enforcing the order.


On July 8th 2020, he enlisted the assistance of JMS ROGERS™ to recover the outstanding amount from the evading company. Within 48 hours, the client’s payment was recovered (as pictured) and restored to him.

While contractual breaches and frustrations are difficult to handle and/or avoid, JMS ROGERS™ pledges to provide first-class debt recovery services. We specialise in dispute resolutions and recovery, prioritising our client’s safety, welfare and well-being. We recover broken promises.

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