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Since 2004


Is your debtor avoiding you after borrowing money?

Have you tried countless calls and attempts to contact your debtors but to no avail?

Are you facing problems collecting receivables for your business?

If you are being owed money, you can count on JMS Rogers to collect it for you.

Operating since 2004 as a dedicated Debt Recovery and Collection entity, we have seen all the trickeries played by people. JMS Rogers being Singapore’s leading debt collection brand, we standby our commitment to go the extra mile to recover your broken promise.

We dont just recover debts, we educate.


You're Valued

No two situations are the same. We treat each cases as NEW and work doubly hard to ensure an efficient process for you. Successful debt collection for you is our mission success.


We're Improving 24/7

Our goal in JMS Rogers is to do things better than the day before. We conduct trainings monthly for our field enforcement officers to help keep them up to date with new strategies to recover your broken promises.


Learn From Us

On our facebook, we post new articles regularly to educate the general public on issues such as scams in investments and preventive measures to safeguard yourself against scam.


We Understand You

We know you are eager to have your debt collected as soon as possible. Hence we provide regular updates to you and support for customer care is greatly emphasized. Your satisfaction is our desire.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I tried to message my client and call but to no avail. The only information i have is his nickname and phone number. Yet within 24 hours, JMS Rogers was able to get the money back in full after i engaged their service. Dont hesitate, i strongly recommend JMS Rogers for their service!
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Reena Yeo
Founder and Beauty Pagent Trainer
I would like to thank Mr Roger himself and his team of experts for delivering their promise. I asked if it’s possible to recover a debt 2 years back. The only thing I had was an email stating the engagement of service, quotation and invoice. A week later, Mr Roger told me the money in recovered in full. Bravo!
proven system
I want to thank JMS Rogers for their professionalism and efficiency in handling my case. A debt left outstanding for over 5 months was settled in 2 days. Whenever I think back on Roger's reply: "I'm sure he will make payment way before you think", it just puts a smile on my face!
Mr and Mrs Ong
Mr and Mrs Ong
Letter of Commendation

Why We Do What We Do

Everyone is born good, we are all compassionate and wants to help others.
(We choose to believe!)

Along the way in life, we take out our hard-earned money to lend a helping hand in need, to aid others in their dire situation.

And then… magic happens!

Our “trusted” friend seems to disappear into thin air without a trace. Or we may even see them having a time of their life on social media.
(When they don’t even want to return our call or probe on returning our money)

Most of us, been there…done there..

There’s no life without doubt and this why we we do what we do.

Making our debt recovery services available to everyone. Both individuals and corporates, who are suffering from debt related grievances.

Since 2004, JMS Rogers established as a dedicated Debt Recovery and Collection Entity. We are being recognized as the leading debt collection brand in Singapore.

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Due to our professionalism and efficiency in handling tough situations, we have gotten the lime light in various media. Both locally and internationally.

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Shin Ming Newspaper
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Tamil Murasu Newspaper

We believe that no one should suffer from any debt related grievances. Our mission is to assist those in need to recover their debt.

More importantly, we pride ourselves as the Defender that protects the community interest against scam artists, cheaters, MLM and investment frauds.

We continuously educate the public and our followers in our facebook on ways to protect themselves and sharing real life stories experienced by our clients.

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Ready to recover your broken promise?