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Our Hall of Fame

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$218K in 72 Hours!

Madam Christine had lent a debtor, whom is a friend of her son, a total of $218,000 over various ocassions. Debtor did not return the money for 3 years and for 8 months was uncontactable. Within 72 hours after engaging us, debtor admitted to the misdeed and a re-payment plan is established.

Madam Christine

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Results in 24 Hours!

Ms Reena Yeo, founder and beauty pageant trainer of ABSOLUTE MODELS INTL came to us to recover fees owed to her for work done. She had to compensate her six models and suffered losses. We respect such strong successful beautiful lady who is also an iron lady who does not let anyone get away without paying their dues! With only a nickname we did skip tracing and managed to successfully crack this case within hours!

Ms Reena Yeo From Absolute Models Intl

proven system

Client Waited For 4 Hours To Personally Thank Mr Roger!

Mr Justin, our happy client came to collect his cheque from us and waited nearly 4 hours to personally thank Mr Roger and show his appreciation.

It makes all our hard work and efforts worth it! And makes us only strive to continually improvise and rise to new challenges!


Full Debt Collection Within 2 Weeks!

Our Field Enforcement Officers presenting the cheque which they collected within 2 weeks to our highly satisfied client

Mr Phillip from Cool Fast Engineering Pte Ltd


Recovered USD$50,000 For Our UK Client

A happy client who flew down from UK to engage us is very happy to get his USD$50,000 collected back from his debtor by the JMS Rogers team. This case was a difficult one where it went through more than a year of legal processes with no success. It was a tough assignment but we did it!


Full Amount Collected

Happy client from Curtain Issues Pte. Ltd.


President of CMW

JMS Rogers with satisfied client, President of CMW



Another Satisfied Client

Successful collection within 1 month


Busted A Scam Syndicate

Our debt collectors operating anonymously in Malaysia managed to track and identify a team of 3 who were behind a "Scratch And Win" scam syndicate. As a result of this bust we successfully put this syndicate out of business thereby preventing further innocent victims falling prey!!


Happy Ecogreen In A Month!

Successful collected within a month for our client Ecogreen


Case Closed Within 72 Hours

JMS ROGERS successfully collected 'MONIES OWING' to Success Engineering 2002 Pte Ltd within 72 hours.

Success Engineering 2002 Pte Ltd


$20,000 Paid Monthly!

Another successful cheque collection for a client on a long-term retainer basis who has a list of customer with bad debts owing to them, with about $20,000 paid monthly successfully negotiated!


Overdue Rental Collection

Another happy customer collecting his due payment in cash! He was owed $4700 in overdue rent. Full collection was done by our franchisee Allianz within 7 days!


Satisfied Client Testimonial


Extremely Tough Yet Rewarding Case

Our client did not have sufficient proof for this 2 year old debt. We were tasked to re-strategize using call logger and other technology to get an admission of the debt on record. Three and a half months of enforcement and field visits...several negotiation meetings later... we finally NAILED THE CASE! Collected full payment in cash!

Any monies exchanged MUST always have a black and white proof. Receipt/acknowledgement/payment voucher/ email corresponce/bank transfer. This will help to put things on record officially and make your debt recovery a smoother process.

JMS Rogers_Debt_Collection_Agency_Hawker_Incident

$10,000 Recovered For a Hawker

6 years ago, a male "promoter" cheated the hawker $10,000 of his hard earned money in promise for advertising the hawker business. Promoter vanished after collection of money but was found within 48 hours after hawker engaged JMS Rogers.


Our Happy Client

Our happy client, Mr Steven with one of our Enforcement team. We managed to secure and recover the full debt amount within a very short span of time.

Mr and Mrs Ong

Debt Collection in 2 Days!

Upon receiving the good news! Our client, Mr Ong excitedly called us and asked us what did we do and eager to know how we did it Our answer is we always do our best and let the results speak the rest!


Pro-Bono Case Helping 72 Years Old Elderly

JMS Rogers just took on a pro-bono case helping an 72 year old elderly lady desperate to recover money from a so-called friend who cheated her of $2000. Sadly we are seeing more of such cases where kindness is often taken for granted.


Cross Border Debt Recovery

Our Cross-Border Investigations & Enforcement Team in Shanghai working on a high profile case with Mr Roger personally handling this case. Along with cultural differences, differences in legalities, litigation, creditors rights, contracts & liability, commercial law etc will need to be taken into consideration and full preparation needs to be done as well before commencing cross border Debt Enforcement.


3 Days Recovered $24,000

JMS Rogers Associates successfully recovered S$24,000 within 3 days for satisfied client

CPL Engineering Pte Ltd


$100k Full Recovery After Forged Cheque

In 2011, a client in Malaysia received a cheque for payment from their debtor. Subsequently on presentation at the bank, they discovered that the bankwas a forged cheque.

In March 2013, JMS ROGERS ASSOCIATES were engaged to recover the debt amounting to
RM 100, 000. Within 2 months, the matter was successfully resolved with a full recovery from the debtor.


Debt Collection Testimonial


Helped Elderly with Illegal Loanshark Negotiation

JMS Rogers' anti-loanshark enforcement team successfully helped an elderly client with illegal loansharks who have been harassing him with threats against him and his family. One of our services provided is that we help enforce negotiations and settlements against such people.


Pro-Bono Case Indian National On Recruitment Agency

A current pro-bono case to help a very upset Indian national who had his recruitment agency took $5000 from him and promised to get him a job but unfortunately went missing. A police report has been lodged but he was unfortunately told it was beyond their ability to help as it was considered a civil matter. We will track down the recalcitrant party and help this poor man get his monies back.


$32,725 Debt Collected in 36 Hours

Another tough case cracked within 36 hours. Full debt collected for our client who took more than a year trying to resolve the issue.


$1,200,000 Collected Successfully!

1.2m worth of cheques collected recently on behalf of our client. A tough case that dragged for months but we did it!


$450 became $13,000 - Loanshark Case Solved

This frightened and stressed customer borrowed from illegal loansharks an amount of $450 but got it ballooned to a ridiculous $13,000 within 3 months due to late interest charges imposed by them. Our anti-loanshark officers was deployed below her block and had a stern confrontation on the phone with them. We arranged to meet the loansharks to settle the issues for our clients but they were fearful and did not appear. They have also stopped harassing her. DO NOT BORROW FROM ILLEGAL LOANSHARKS/AH LONGS.

JMS Rogers_Debt Collection Agency_Mr Philips

$24,000 Full Payment For Renovation Contractor

Mr Philip, a renovation contractor, was denied payment after all his house work done for the house owner. A humble and honest contractor, he waited for months but did not receive any payment. He engaged JMS Rogers for debt collection service. Within 48 hours, $24,000 full payment with cashier order was collected.

Mr Philip


Debt Collected While Client is Overseas

Mr & Mrs KC SIM of ABITEX SOFAS engaged our services and soon after, flew overseas leaving full decision-making to us. It was with great pleasure that we contacted them during their trip with the good news of Debt Recovered Successfully! They were able to celebrate this success on their trip with a peace of mind.


Booth Rental Scam

Our client rushed to our office after reservist to collect his cheque payment! He had booked a booth at a shopping centre and made cash payment to a person. However on the day when he set up his booth, the security staff questioned our client and asked to see proof of such transaction. He didn't have any and was asked to leave.

He suffered losses and was unable to recover the debt but upon engaging our debt collection service, we managed to crack the case and collect back the full amount!


Case Closed For Event And Logistic Owner!

Pleased to have successfully assisted our client in one of our challenging case. Seeing our happy customer smiling makes it all worthwhile. We will continually strive to crack every case. Never giving up! Case Closed! Payment recovered in full.


Gold Bar Scam Collection

JMS Rogers has successfully cracked the case on Gold Bar scam amount of $403,000.


Full Debt Collection Within 1 Week!

JMS Roger's debt Recovery satisfied client

Mdm Melissa Aw with Her Husband


Satisfied Client Testimonial

Mr Peter Ngan from J-Connection Press Pte Ltd


Pro-bono Case for Foreign Worker

A pro-bono case in which we successfully recovered back the monies due to an unfortunate foreign worker who was cheated by a local job placement agency which took his money but did not do their promised work of finding him a job here in Singapore. He was very happy to get back his $2000 which was a lot of money to him.


Full Sum Collected in 3 Hours

Satisfied Client - Amster Printing Service. Full sum collected within 3 hours!

Amster Printing Service


$594,000 USD Collected in 4 Days

One of our happiest moment to have collected $594,000 for our confidential client.


Less Than A Month!

Another successful collection in less than a month for our client from Best Packinging & Resources Pte Ltd

Best Packinging & Resources Pte Ltd


$15,431.13 Within 24 Hours

JMS ROGERS Successfully collected $10564.97 & $4866.16 within 24 hours for our client.

Rotex Engineering & Services Pte Ltd


$46,000 Bad Debt Recovered

Satisfied client collected a cashier order of $46,000 for bad debts we recovered! A tough case indeed!


$300,000 Successfully Collected!

Another happy client, Golden Century Air-Con Specialist Pte Ltd. A successful collection of $300,000 by Jurs EQ, powered by JMS Rogers!

Golden Century Air-con Specialist Pte Ltd


$6315.50 Collected in 2 Days!

Another collection case successfully closed in two days! Full amount of $6315.50 collected!

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