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Especially If You Are Feeling Helpless, Frustrated or Have No Clues How You Can Get Your Money Back From Your Debtors:

Debt Collection Service

(And You Don't Have To Go Through The Physical, Mental and Emotional Torment)

Are you One Of Them?

You’ve loaned your hard-earned money to your friend and haven’t been paid…

You’re a victim of “Scratch And Win” scam and paid administration charges or tax on your prize that doesn’t exist…

You’ve purchased a product or services, paid the money and never receive anything…

You are frustrated, aggravated, and feel as if you have been taken advantage of…

If it’s your friend or family…

You’ve asked the individual to repay you countless time.

Perhaps you are even suffering financial hardship now yourself because the money you’ve loaned hasn’t been paid back.

If it’s a syndicate…

You do not even know where to find them or whose bank account you have transferred to. It seems impossible to find them.

If it’s a seller / vendor…

They have ceased their account, their handphone is uncontactable or they just “entertain” you that they are working on it.

You asked yourself why did you even fall for such a scam or gimmick even when you know something is wrong.

You feel helpless as you are unable to contact the seller or vendor whom you have bought from.

With each passing day, you feel even worst than yesterday…

Money wasted… time wasted… with little or no hope of getting your money back.

Sadly, this is where most people give up.

Recovering an outstanding debt can certainly be difficult…

That’s why you need the help of the professionals, and JMS Rogers is exactly who you need for the job.

You’ll have JMS Rogers, Singapore’s leading debt collection brand as your friend and support throughout the process.

Why Engage Debt Collection Service?

You may have tried different ways to recover your money

From calling, unlimited sms to debtors or even begging them to return…but to no avail…

You had a hard time recovering your money and have contemplated hiring a debt collector or contacting a professional such as lawyer to help your collect your money.

Yet you are unsure how it works or even afraid to work with debt collectors.

The following reasons may be why it’s stopping you to engage a professional debt collection brand like us to help you…

The following reasons may be what’s stopping you to engage a professional debt collection brand like us to help you…

Fear not! We totally understand your concerns

When you contact JMS Rogers, you can rest assured that you will never have to deal with a big ordeal, neither you nor your debtors will be harassed or harmed, or that you will have to deal with situations that could tarnish your reputation.

In JMS Rogers, we use the most professional, thoughtful and effective debt collection approach.

We always have the best interest in our clients in mind – as well as the people who owe them money.

We understand you might be afraid of working with a debt collector or that you simply may be unsure of or unaware how the process works.

That’s why we take every effort to ensure your full understanding on how our debt collection process works. 

When you work with us, you can rest assured that you will not only get the money that you are owed – but that we will use the friendliest, most caring and compassionate strategies to collect it for you.

Who Are We?

JMS Rogers is a Debt Collection Brand that specialized in helping individuals to recover their debts.

For more than 14 years, we have been helping people recover their money in Singapore and the surrounding areas in South East Asia. 

In fact, we are the longest standing debt collection brand in Singapore and have a proven track record of success

We have seen through so many different types of cases and successfully cracked them.

Due to outstanding performance in the industry of debt collection, we have also been featured both internationally and locally.

897fm radio interview
Interview with 89.7FM
2016 xingming news
Featured in Shin Ming Daily News
Featured in The Business Times

The JMS Rogers Difference

JMS Debt Collection

Leading Debt Collection Service in Singapore
  • Professional Collection Methods
  • Technologically Advanced Wireless Payment
  • Efficient Process
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Confidentiality Assured
  • Tactful Practice For Overseas Assignment
  • Investigation on Debtor's Credibility
  • Call Loggers and Tracking Tools
  • Online Status reports, Accessible 24/7
Best Choice

Conventional Methods

(Other Service Providers)
  • Professional Collection Methods
  • Technologically Advanced Wireless Payment
  • Efficient Process
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Confidentiality Assured
  • Tactful Practice For Overseas Assignment
  • Investigation on Debtor's Credibility
  • Call Loggers and Tracking Tools
  • Online Status reports, Accessible 24/7
Mr Roger R Giving Classes

Continuous Training

The team at JMS Rogers has received extensive training and continue to receive ongoing training in debt collection.

So that we can focus on providing our clients with very discreet yet highly effective individual debt collection service.

We maintain the dignity of our your debtors so that relationships aren’t damaged and feelings aren’t hurt.


Professional Process

We do not use harassment or almost abusive approaches on debtors to recover money.

We maintain utmost professionalism. In fact, our professional, friendly, and discreet tactics are what set us apart from other services in Singapore.

All of our Field Enforcement Officers are trained and certified by professionals who have decades of legal and customer service experience.

quick process photo

Law Compliance

Maintaining the image of you while recovering moneys and debts owed are our top priority.

We ensure your name and reputation will remain in the highest esteem. We take every effort to ensure that all of our strategies and tactics are in complete compliance with the regulations that have been set forth by various legislations, including the Personal Data Protection Act.

Tested and Proven Personal Debt Collection Recovery

If you are owed money, you can count on JMS Rogers to collect it for you.

We offer all of the skills and tools necessary to make the process of personal debt collection a hassle-free, fast and efficient for you.

Our professional process is highly detailed and involves the following steps:


1. One on One Consultation

A one-on-one consultation with one of our professional debt collectors.

During this consultation, we will ask several questions so that we can fully understand the complexities of your unique situation.


2. Internal Meeting

A case study will be scheduled internally where we hold meeting with our professional debt collectors.

The specific and unique issues pertaining to your case will be assessed and discussed.

We will determine which strategies will offer the most effective results with you.


3. Case Assessment

If we determine your case is solve-able, we will open it.

If it’s not solve-able, we’ll let you know right away.

When your case is opened, it will be registered in our system and you will receive login information so that you can keep track of your case.

Our field operatives will then begin working with you and the details of your case.


4. Demand Letter Sent

An extensive investigation will be conducted and all investigation work for your case will be completed within 7 days,

You will receive a profile of your case.

Once confirmed by you, we will send out a demand letter to your debtor.

The debtor will be given 7 days to repay his or her debts.


5. On Site Visit

Should the debtor fail to respond to demand letter, debt enforcers will be deployed.

These professionals will make an on-site visit and demand that the payment to you.

(subject to your case report, location of debtor, and whether the debtor is located in a commercial or residential setting)


6. Committed To You

If your debtors fail to meet our demands, we will not stay put and accept their unresponsive behaviour or unreasonable excuses.

Instead, we will continue making more field visits, through the use of multiple team members and our banners. This is to raise the awareness of the debtor that we are committed in recovering the money for you.

A team that is completely committed to engaging your debtor is vital for repayment.


7. Happy You, Happy Client

Once the repayment of your debtor is completed, the case is closed.

At JMS Rogers, our team of professional debt collectors are committed to each case we work on and we ensure that the people who owe you money pay.

Start Getting Your Money Back Today!

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How Can I Be Sure It Will Work For Me?


Customized Solution

No Two Personal Debt collection cases are alike. We craft different strategies for each case we work on.


Stellar Resources

Your case will be handled by our own professional field enforcement team. Our outstanding skip-tracers and top industry legal experts are with us.


Real-Time Updates

Field officers work 24/7 to contact your debtors quickly even at wee hours. Real-time update of case status on client login area.

Some Of Our Success Stories

Client flew down from UK to engage us and colleted $50,000 from his debtor
Satisfied client collected a cashier order of $446,000 for bad debts we recovered! A tough case indeed!
$300,000 sucessful collection for Golden Century Air-con Specialist Pte Ltd

Why JMS Rogers is Different from Other Debt Collection Companies?

JMS Rogers has been in the business for more than 14 years, which makes us the longest running debt collection company in Singapore.

In addition to our experience, we have a very strong network of professional relationships with the most reputable parties in the debt collection industry. These parties provide us with the intelligence and information needed to get to the bottom of your debt collection cases.

We also have affiliates in several countries throughout South East Asia including:

This large network of affiliates allow us to get the maximum amount of relevant information and data quickly and easily. Which means we can resolve your complicated cases even faster than any other debt collection brand in this area.

I tried to message my client and call but to no avail. The only information i have is his nickname and phone number. Yet within 24 hours, JMS Rogers was able to get the money back in full after i engaged their service. Dont hesitate, i strongly recommend JMS Rogers for their service!
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Reena Yeo
Founder and Beauty Pageant Trainer
"I would like to thank Mr Roger himself and his team of experts for delivering their promise. I asked if it’s possible to recover a debt 2 years back. The only thing I had was an email stating the engagement of service, quotation and invoice. A week later, Mr Roger told me the money in recovered in full. Bravo!"
proven system
I want to thank JMS Rogers for their professionalism and efficiency in handling my case. A debt left outstanding for over 5 months was settled in 2 days. Whenever I think back on Roger's reply: "I'm sure he will make payment way before you think", it just puts a smile on my face!
Mr and Mrs Ong
Mr and Mrs Ong
Letter of Commendation

How Can I Engage Your Service?

When you choose JMS Rogers, you can rest assured that all of the information you provide us will remain private and confidential. We are committed to recovering the money that you were owed and recover your broken promise.

To get us to help you recover your money, fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can call us at 8100 8880

*Results are not typical. Any success cases shown are not a guarantee that your debt is 100% collectable. We assess each case individually and advise clients accordingly.