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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. At all levels, JMS Rogers will uphold your privacy in-line with current legislation and laws.

How information is gathered?
Information on is gathered in two ways: 

(1) directly, though your feedback/comment/request for service via our email or web-info page. 

(2) Through the use of cookies – either or both from our web hosting company or through the internet service provider.

Your Internet address is automatically collected and is placed in an Internet access log thorough these cookies. Cookies are small files of information that save and retrieve information about your visit to our site and your behaviour within. You will only be classified as numbers and no personal data is collected.

If you do not want to have your information available, please disable cookies in your internet option.

What do we use this information for?
We analyze your usage behaviour to help us deliver better services and content through use patterns. At no time do we use this data to infringe your rights or status.

Third Party Usage
JMS Rogers will not sell any information gathered through to any third party vendors or database collectors. We will inform you, the user, before any action is carried out, if we are collecting information for any third party vendor or database collector or partners.

Privileged data?
All privilege data or information sent to JMS Rogers will be treated as privilege and not be profited by the company. Please indicate in communication if information or data sent is of a privilege nature. JMS Rogers will not be held responsible for any information or data lost during transmission or high-jacked by a third person/persons. At all times, security levels are in place, as provided by our hosting company.

Read our Terms of Use Page for more information.

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