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Viktoria2130 PhViktoria2130 Ph
14:16 20 Sep 23
I would like to thank JMS Rogers for their hard work on my case. I had a case involving quite a big sum of money. I had chased my debtor for months and was blocked and ghosted. JMS Rogers onboarded my case, and throughout the entire process, they gave me constant confidence that they were working hard on my case although it was a hard one to manage. They never gave up. I finally got all my money back. Thank you so much!
Guru GuruGuru Guru
12:08 14 Sep 23
I would like to thank the Management of JMS Rogers and Mr Roger himself for assisting me with a very complex case with regards to my situation that involved unfair claims being made against me by a financial institution. I was being claimed for exorbitant amounts of money and through a thorough study of my situation, they were able to help me resolve it by engaging with the financial institution. I was very stressed for weeks but now my mind is at rest. they have a deep knowledge of finance law and have been a great help. thank you once again to JMS Rogers and team. I can finally put my mind at rest and my family is at peace.
Jenna YoungJenna Young
05:54 02 Sep 23
I would like to share my recent experience with JMS Rogers. They were professional, attentive to our concerns, and provided us with regular updates. In the end our case officer Kyler delivered a very satisfactory outcome in a short period of time on a matter that we could not resolve ourselves for a number of years. I highly recommend JMS Rogers!
Meakara OuMeakara Ou
10:55 01 Sep 23
We have purchased two Rolex watches through our friend’s friend in year 2020. Our friendship became sour and we were not able to contact that friend’s of our friend. We had no hope on recovering those watches. However we found JMS rogers debt collections services online and contacted them to see if there’s any hope. KYLER from JMS rogers was our designated case officer. He was very professional and very well communicated with us and the debtor to deliver the best result. We couldn’t thank him enough for successfully recovered both of our watches within agreed time frame. There is no doubt in trusting his service when someone is broke their promises.Thank you once again!Sunlay
Ramu ThiruyanamRamu Thiruyanam
01:52 30 Jul 23
I never thought I would need to hire a debt collection agency for a group of us (15 of us) who were taken for a ride by an agent who we had trusted to pay us on time after the completion of a project. When we discovered that the agent had completely ignored the majority of us, and has fed us with misinformation, had not paid us 3 months after the original date of payment and when we discovered that he has mismanaged funds, we decided to engage JMS Rogers services.Thomas and his team took painstaking efforts to understand our situation, and meticulously adviced us along the way on what we could do. I was impressed by the customer service provided, and the ease of mind given to me and the team, and that’s when we realized that we were in good hands in getting our funds back.Thomas was very professional and polite in our conversations, and follow up actions and collections were updated regularly, and he managed to recover the funds from the agent within 3 months of the date we had hired them. They are well organized and very efficient, and my team and I are grateful that Thomas was able to recover everything for us so swiftly, and he was very reassuring throughout the entire process.I highly recommend JMS Rogers for the quality of service provided, and am grateful of such a group in existence who can help us recover debt in a professional manner!Thank you, Thomas and team, for all the assistance done on the ground and for looking out for our well being as well!
Adrian AsherAdrian Asher
05:20 29 Jul 23
Professional service rendered. JMS were highly effective and efficient!Hassle free and smooth transaction from the get go. The moment the case was handed over to them, they took care of everything and delivered excellent results.If you have any bad debts to recover, I would highly recommend JMS Rogers to do an excellent job for you! Once it’s in their hands, you can have peace of mind.Special thanks to Dan and James for all your help!
Dear JMS Rogers and Mr. Thomas,I am writing this testimonial to express my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional professionalism and effective communication throughout a challenging process. Your dedication and expertise have resulted in the successful recovery of a partial payment that was initially deemed impossible to collect.From the very beginning, I was impressed by the level of professionalism displayed by Mr. Thoma prompt responses and attention to detail . I particularly appreciated the consistent updates you provided on the progressI must admit, I initially harbored skepticism regarding the possibility of recovering the payment. However, to my surprise Thomas managed to secure a partial payment for me. Your dedication and tenacity in pursuing this matter were beyond my expectations. I am truly amazed by your accomplishment and grateful for your unwavering determination.In conclusion, I want to express my overall satisfaction with the services provided by JMS Rogers and Mr. Thomas. Your professionalism, effective communication, and exceptional results have left a lasting impression on me. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to others who may require similar assistance. Your expertise and commitment truly set you apart, and I am confident that anyone who seeks your help will experience the same level of support and success that I did.Warm regards,KG
Audrey WangAudrey Wang
04:58 08 Jul 23
Having Thomas is such a blessing. I get monthly report of how the debt is going, and almost every month’s collection was successful. I was at first cautious about getting a ‘debt collector’, but it’s the best decision I made. Speaking to Leroy gave me a lot of confidence that my debt will be recovered. Not cheap, but I’m happy they did the work.
The Pier RobertsonThe Pier Robertson
09:28 04 Jul 23
we have engaged JMS to recover a bad debt (designated case officer – Klyer). although the process took time, but the results were worthy. we would definitely recommend anyone who are in need of debt recovery to engage them given their efficiently and service delivery.Clear on process, frequent updates and provides clarity. overall good experience with clear instructions and process.
ABC Pte LtdABC Pte Ltd
15:11 01 Jul 23
They spend so much money on marketing and yet they still cheat their clients. I did my research and a friend recommended them to me, so we thought we were in good hands. Our company paid 16k to them, and we got our 1st update after 2 months! After that, 3 months later, still nothing. You can always find the bosses and managers out drinking and partying, but not once have they ever gone to the field. When I questioned them for updates and if anything is being done, we get pushed around. When our female manager went to their office for an update, they bullied her and pushed her around, until she left and was so terrified by them! We were cheated by our customer, and now cheated by JMS Roger’s! We have no choice but to bring the media and sue them in court for this. It’s been too long and we’ve given too many chances!
HaydenYeo yeoHaydenYeo yeo
00:35 17 Jun 23
Proceeded to look for debt collecting services with JMS MELVIN. Patient guy who gives great service. Don’t hesitate to ask for updates from JMS as they’ll get the job done. A Little issues here and there but All in All what matters is that they got the job done! Great Efficient services.
save mesave me
12:27 21 May 23
Thomas was in charge of my case and i’m honestly super grateful for him and his team! the entire process was really smooth and they were super efficient and friendly :)this is my first time engaging with a legal debt collector ( and hopefully last ) so i wasn’t very sure of the procedures or what needs to be done but Thomas was very patient and detailed and explaining how this would work and tried his best to chase the debtor ! in the end they managed to get back the entire sum of money the debtor owes me within a few months (3-4 months if i’m not wrong).overall i would say that this was a super pleasant transaction. once again thank you to Thomas and his team 🙂
10:26 17 May 23
I engaged JMS Rogers services at the end of April 2023, the team explain to me the process and what to expect. They are able to explain the agreement contract and even the amount owed to me is not as huge as from the other reviews JMS Rogers accepted the job.JMS Rogers team do respond efficiently to any queries I had either via email or WhatsApp.Thomas from JMS Rogers was leading the debt collection for my case. Within 1 week I received an update stating the debtor has paid the first instalment. Updates were given for the next instalment paid. I am happy to have engaged with JMS Rogers to help reclaim the amount that I was owed.I look forward to working with JMS Rogers in the future if I have any issue with debtors not paying what they owe me.*Second Time using JMS Rogers – 9 Sept 2023My debtor failed to make his monthly installment to the bank and similar to the previous case the bank sent a lawyer letter demanding that I pay the amount as I m the gurantor. Next thing I know I gather all the evidence and payment detail i made and send a request to JMS Rogers. They provide me with the new contract and this time round, Thomas and team was fast in collecting the amount I was owed from the debtor and I really appreciate it.Thomas was leading the case. I appreciate a familiar name handling my case, as he did handle my case 3 months ago. It has been a smooth sailing for this recent case.With the addition to their client relationship manager, I am able to track and get informed on the next payout. Once again thank you JMS Rogers on accepting my case, I know the amount owed to me is not as big as other reviewers but my friend broke the promise to pay his loan to the bank and only JMS Rogers can fix this broken promise.
Simon TanSimon Tan
10:03 08 May 23
JMS Rogers did an excellent job with my case. I was scammed of my hard earned money by a smooth talking scammer. I am not clever with investments. I had very little information on the scammer. The investigation team from JMS Rogers was very patient with me to understand the facts that was available. And even with such little information and with the help of Mr Roger himself, they were able to find out so much information about the scammer and began to plan the strategy to get my money back. I was so surprised as to their capabilities. I was always unsure if my case can be solved because I had so little information. But they did it! They got back my money from the scammer through their operations in 3weeks! I am so grateful and they even did guide me to be more careful for the future. Thank you JMS Rogers!
Hariharan ElancharanHariharan Elancharan
14:28 02 May 23
I would like to thank JMS Rogers for outstanding service quality and efficiency in the collection of my company’s unpaid invoices. We have been chasing for months on our own but JMS Rogers managed to complete in just 2 weeks. I am amazed at their expertise. Thank you JMS Rogers!
Chole ChewChole Chew
12:37 28 Mar 23
At first I really thought my case was hopeless, until I met JMS!It took just only about 1 month,I received good news from my assigned case officer Thomas that he managed to help me fully recovered my debt.Thomas really provides expert experience on debts collection.I will definitely highly recommend his service. 👍🏼👍🏼
Farhan RahimFarhan Rahim
08:17 24 Mar 23
Decided on JMS Rogers back in late Jan 2023 for a debt recovery, where the amount supposedly was too small for some other companies (which I shall not name). But Melvin, my case officer, managed to recover the full sum within 2 months. Much appreciated and thumbs up to him and company 👍🏻
eugene Yuujieugene Yuuji
09:31 21 Mar 23
Thank you, JMS Rogers and team, for helping on my case. You guys really did a good job. You guys clear my doubt and even guided me through the process even though there was a delay on replies and updates, you guys rocks god bless you’ll JMS & Team 💪❤️🙏Highly recommended .
Qiu Yun TanQiu Yun Tan
14:51 14 Feb 23
JMS Rogers sets an extreme high standard in the debt collection industry and I am fortunate to have engaged Thomas’s help in my debt recovery journey. A big thank you to JMS Rogers and Thomas for the professional advice and service provided!
justin yeojustin yeo
08:28 12 Feb 23
I would like to thank JMS ROGERS especially Kyler for helping out. I had engaged their services to mediate with a certain debt collection company due to some dispute. They are always there to help me out and giving out advice as they are very capable and competent due to their knowledge in this services. So 10/10 would recommend their services to anyone who need helps in such cases.
Daud CheesecakeDaud Cheesecake
11:31 11 Feb 23
Was recommended to JMS Rogers by a close friend of mine and was then introduced to the professional officers Jamez, Kyler and Thomas.Have to say I that I am extremely impressed by their promptness in assisting me to claim back my money which was scammed by an NS senior that I have known for almost a decade. I have personally been chasing this guy for my money for 5 months without any confirmation of getting it back but within 24 hours of engaging the officers above, I have finally received a firm answer on when I can expect to get my money back.I can’t express how grateful I am for their help and finally setting my mind at ease despite all the mental and financial stress I’ve been through for these past few months. My sincere thank you for your help guys!For those in need of help to recover your money, do drop them a message and look forward to getting the help you deserve!
Sean KSean K
13:36 30 Jan 23
Engaged JMS Rogers after seeing positive reviews and feedback on social media and google.My company had a case where we have a court order that states the amount due to us from the creditor which we won in small claims. We have all the necessary legal documentation prepare and ready for JMS Rogers to work with.Long story short, we were pass on and off several “officers” and their “legal department”, with weeks and weeks without updates, due to the officers going on reservist.The few replies that we received via email was that1. still unwilling to settle the matter despite multiple rounds of negotiations.2.Please advise if you are willing to lower the amount if there is a need to offer him, in order to conclude the matter.They mentioned that they have done the site visit and etc. But when I asked for photos and videos update, they ignored and did not reply.Long story short, our contract of 3 months was up after a series of chasing for updates and that James will get back to me after speaking to the debtor again. Instead of following up with me, they simple informed us that the contract has been terminated.Understandable that debt not able to be collected and that we entered into agreement and it lapsed. However, having the client to chase for updates, and not responding to our enquires is outright not acceptable.If you are thinking to engage them, read through the fine print well, and if you think 3 month is a period long enough, I would advise to think again with you as the customer having to chase repeatedly. 3 month will be over before you know it.
Wei Lun LeeWei Lun Lee
11:01 28 Dec 22
Thankful to have consulted JMS Rogers for help. They have help me collected a debt in 1 month which has been owe to me for more than 5 years! Very professional & well explained MOI, they even provide updates every now and then. Do hit them up if you need the service!
Tim ExoTim Exo
16:07 15 Nov 22
Thank you Mr roger for understanding and helping my situation when my father was cheated by his own friend of his life saving! thank you for giving us the hope when i have suicidal thoughts. we have received the full money transferred to my dad finally within 3weeks my whole family can sleep in peace. thank you and your team from bottom of our heart ❤️❤️👍🏻strongly and surely will recommend to others if need help. JMS ROGERS AND THE TEAM SALUTE!! 😊😊😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Nancy TanNancy Tan
06:20 26 Feb 22
I’d been trying to recover a debt for the past 9 months, and I’d tried a variety of methods. However, nothing I did worked, and the debtor consistently ignored me. There was nothing else I could do and I was at my wits’ end.I thought I’d never be able to recover my debt, and I was prepared to file it as a bad debt.I decided to engage JMS Roger after watching a video on YouTube, which showcased their professionalism in handling cases. I was initially apprehensive of debt collectors because I had a preconceived notion that they were all… scary loan sharks, but the team at JMS Rogers proved me wrong.I engaged them on January 17th and recovered my debt the same day! The team was extremely helpful and professional, and they do not over-promise if they are unable to deliver (which is apparently a common practice in many other agencies). I was very impressed that the team went to great lengths to ensure that the debt I had to collect was legitimate, and that they checked for evidence to prove that the debtor did, in fact, owe me money (this is not a common practice in other agencies as well). I basically provided the necessary information and all that was left was for the team to handle the case for me. I’m not a confrontational person, so I asked the team to approach the debtor in the most friendly manner possible, and they did exactly that.Overall, I’m very satisfied with their service and would 10/10 recommend them to anyone who needs to recover a debt. 🙂
12:51 05 Feb 22
5/5 for the effectiveness and efficiency of the team to recover the money I lost. When I thought all hopes were lost from getting my money back, they were there to help me and eventually I was able to get back the money I lost. I am very grateful for all that the team has done for me.
John BarnesJohn Barnes
03:04 19 Dec 21
I am deeply and extremely thankful and grateful to Roger and his very capable and competent team.My case is rather complicated, but Roger and his team show that it is possible!!Prior to engaging JMS, I spoke to a few other debt collection companies but only JMS gave me the assurance, confidence and professionalism and I am very grateful that I engaged JMS.Firstly they are extremely fast in handling my case. Within 1 day of me sharing the details of my case, Roger and team immediately digested the details, contacted the debtors and set up a meeting the very next day!JMS approach is not about brute force and shouting or behaving aggressively. Instead they constantly evolve and find strategies to help me to recover my assets. They are both firm in how they engage the debtor yet flexible in their asset recovery methodologies. I am extremely impressed with how he and his team approach my case with also how they ensure that the debtor kept up with his repayment promises.Roger and his team have recovered 1/3 of the debt from the debtor and I am very confident they can recover all 100% within 1 month’s time.If you ever need asset and debt recovery services, it is only JMS Rogers to go to. It is the ONLY and MOST Trusted Brand!!Thank you Roger and your team for your professionalism and great assistance!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Nur FaezahNur Faezah
08:45 21 Nov 21
JMS and team, special mention to Mr Israel, has been very understanding towards my plight in recovering my money back. The countless of questions I asked were never ignored. And in fact, it was those little reassurance that eased off my anxiousness.The amount maybe little to some, but JMS did their utmost best in settling this. They took less than a month to recover my money back. No matter how many times the debtor tried to “sneak away” from them, eventually debtor paid. I do not know how they did it, but JMS is simply awesome. They have a very professional team and you would not regret engaging them.I have nothing but praises for JMS. Thank you so much JMS!
15:28 06 Oct 21
Plan B….!!!! 2 thumbs up

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A happy client who flew down from UK to engage us and collected USD $50,000 from his debtor.


Satisfied client collected a cashier order of $46,000 for bad debt we recovered! A tough case indeed!


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