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Especially For Business Owners Who Are Tired Of Dealing With Clients Who Wont Pay For Products or Services Provided:

Corporate Debt Collection Services

(Stay Calm, Know Your Rights, We Are Here To Help You)

As A Business Owner, Have You Ever Felt Handcuffed By Your Clients?

You agree to do work with a client who promises you the world. You spend every bit of your time and energy in delivering the best experience possible to them.

But in the end, you’re left with nothing but calls not picked up, emails full of broken promises and a liability that can potentially ruin your business financially.

It hurts, doesn’t it?

Collecting corporate debt is not easy! It’s painstaking task that can leave you mentally, physically and financially exhausted.

And when there’s isn’t enough cash flow to keep the business running, the last thing you can afford to do is spend your finite resources in tracking down the debtor.

You can be the “better person” and empathize with the debtor

Yes, they (debtors) need more time…
Yes, they (debtors) are having difficulties paying back…
Yes, they (debtors) are probably busy that’s why they didn’t return your call…

Sometimes the truth might be they never had any intention of paying up, to begin with.

As a debt collection brand that’s been in business for more than 14 years, nothing really ever surprises us anymore.

That’s why we’ve dedicated our lives to serving businesses like yours that have been denied what they are rightfully owed.

Who Can Use Corporate Debt Collection Services?


SME Owners




Multimillion $ Company


Business Owners

ANYONE who runs a business and have trouble collecting outstanding payments

If someone owes your business money, we can get it back!


By taking away the daunting, time-consuming, frustrating task off your shoulders, and giving it to our on-field commercial debt collection experts. This will allow you to focus on the core business plans and not get tangled up in matters that are best left for us.

And the best part?

We’ll put every bit of effort necessary to make sure that your relationship with the debtor doesn’t turn sour in the process. 

Think of it as having a cake and getting to eating it too. And if we’re on the case, you don’t get just dessert; you get the whole buffet!

We understand the pain of you business owners…

A business without steady cash flow is like a fish without water, a car without gas or relationship without trust. Pointless and doomed to die out.

And it’s not only you who is going to get affected.

There are many moving parts to every business, and a part as crucial as cash flow getting disrupted might potentially mean the beginning of the end of your hopes and dreams.

But it doesn’t have to be this way does it?

Debtors will have a lot of excuses, dont they?

But if you want what’s rightfully yours, you must not pay heed to them…

Accepting that might sound like a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s better than becoming bitter yourself and turning away opportunities based on poor past experience.

Myths of Engaging a Debt Collection Agency

There are a lot of misconceptions in regards to how debt collection agencies operate. And it is these misconceptions that prevent business owners from getting professional help.

Here are some of the widespread misconceptions:


Unethical, Violent Collection Tactics

Many think that debt collection companies follow the policies of loan sharks who send hired thugs to take care of the defaulters. 

You know, the people who promise to take away a part of your body with every missed deadline?

Well, you don’t have to worry because JMS Roger follows a strict protocol that adheres to all local laws. We’ve got the systems in place to retrieve your money without budging an inch from our high moral and ethical standards.


Fear Of Bad Press

How many times have you heard the saying “All publicity is good publicity?”

That might be true for showbiz, but in the world of business, reputation can make or break you. And that’s one of the reasons business owners shy away from working with debt collection agencies.

They’re unaware of how professionals collect a debt and imagine that a leak in confidential data will attract negative media attention, leading to even more losses.


Think That Lawyer Might Be More Suitable

Ask yourself this questionsm, “Do i have the time and money to follow up a case?”

If the answer is No, then hiring a lawyer should be the last thing on your mind. After all, some of them just send demand letters, hoping the client would feel intimidated and fork over the money.

You might have developed an impression that a competent laywer is to be all, end all all trump card of a possible legal battle. But you might be wrong.

As a great as your lawyer may be, a demand letter (or multiple demand letters) will not make the defaulters take your seriously.

Unless you get lucky somehow, all you’ll be left with are hefty consultation bills and pent up frustration.


Getting Scammed

Many avoid working with a debt collection agency out of fear of being scammed. What if the agency runs away after recovering the money? Well, those fears are not unfounded because it’s been known to happen.

However when you work with an organization like JMS Roger, you can be confident that the money will be in safe hands.

We have helped people to get their livelihood back for more than 14 years and still counting. We have made media appearances, and have the trust of countless people who made our trade a success.


Not Aware Debt Collection Service Exist

Most people don’t get to hire professionals for collecting their debt just because they are aware such a service exists in the first place.

But now that you know about us, what’s stopping you from picking up the phone and giving us a call?

Can JMS Rogers really help my company to collect debts Owed?

Of course!

Our collective skills and accolades prove without a shadow of doubt that we are leading debt collection brand in Singapore. 

We have recovered debts for our clients for more than 14 years and counting, which is the longest record help by any debt collection brand in Singapore!

Still wondering if you can find anyone better?

Take a look at what we’ve accomplished:

Debts collected within 2 weeks to our highly satisfied client, Mr Philip from Cool Fast Engineering Pte Ltd.
Full amount of debts collected for Curtain issues Pte Ltd!
Another successful collection in less than a month for Best Packaging & Resources Ptd Ltd
A successful collection of $300,000 for Golden Century Aircon Specialist Pte Ltd
Successfully collected $15,431.13 within 24 hours for Rotex Engineering & Services Pte Ltd
Full sum collected within 3 hours for Amster Printing Service

Exemplary work has always put us in the limelight. 

JMS Rogers was even featured in American channel, “Crime and Investigation Network”.

Interviewed by Australia ABC News
Interview by Chinese Media
Interviewed By Chinese Media
Featured in The Business Times
Featured in TODAY newspaper

The JMS Rogers Different

We are much more efficient compared to other service providers.

We do not just send demand letters from afar, we actually visit your debtors to talk things through. Plus, we aren’t going to bind you in a long-winded legal battle that takes years to come to and end.

So you can rest easy knowing we’re all doing the legwork needed to get your money back at the earliest.

JMS Debt Collection

Leading Debt Collection Service in Singapore
  • Professional Collection Methods
  • Technologically Advanced Wireless Payment
  • Efficient Process
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Confidentiality Assured
  • Tactful Practice For Overseas Assignment
  • Investigation on Debtor's Credibility
  • Call Loggers and Tracking Tools
  • Online Status reports, Accessible 24/7
Best Choice

Conventional Methods

(Other Service Providers)
  • Professional Collection Methods
  • Technologically Advanced Wireless Payment
  • Efficient Process
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Confidentiality Assured
  • Tactful Practice For Overseas Assignment
  • Investigation on Debtor's Credibility
  • Call Loggers and Tracking Tools
  • Online Status reports, Accessible 24/7

Having our own panel of legal advisers, working round the clock to ensure we breach no laws when doing your work.

Being in the business for more than 14 years has given us a secure network of third parties that provide on-field intelligence when necessary.

In addition, we have 9 affiliate countries in South East Asia, giving us the power to gain information quickly.

How Can I Be Sure It's Going To Work For Me?

Because we’re going to make sure it does! Through our custom-tailored solutions, we are able to get the best results for our clients.

We strictly follow a tested and proven process in JMS Rogers. Working only with the best field enforcement agents, industry-leading skip tracers, and have the backing of an extensive network of local and international law firms that keep us one step ahead in all situations and jurisdictions.

Our field officers work 24/7 to get in touch with the debtor, speeding up the recovery process.

We believe “Time is money, and money is time”, so urgency is of the utmost value to our organization.

You will receive real-time updates of your case through the client login area, so no more getting anxious over what’s happening behind the scenes.

We have helped our client recover money for 14 years, so it’s a given that we know what we’re doing.


Tested and Proven Personal Debt Collection Process


1. One on One Consultation

A one-on-one consultation with one of our professional debt collectors.

During this consultation, we will ask several questions so that we can fully understand the complexities of your unique situation.


2. Internal Meeting

A case study will be scheduled internally where we hold meeting with our professional debt collectors.

The specific and unique issues pertaining to your case will be assessed and discussed.

We will determine which strategies will offer the most effective results with you.


3. Case Assessment

If we determine your case is solve-able, we will open it.

If it’s not solve-able, we’ll let you know right away.

When your case is opened, it will be registered in our system and you will receive login information so that you can keep track of your case.

Our field operatives will then begin working with you and the details of your case.


4. Demand Letter Sent

An extensive investigation will be conducted and all investigation work for your case will be completed within 7 days,

You will receive a profile of your case.

Once confirmed by you, we will send out a demand letter to your debtor.

The debtor will be given 7 days to repay his or her debts.


5. On Site Visit

Should the debtor fail to respond to demand letter, debt enforcers will be deployed.

These professionals will make an on-site visit and demand that the payment to be made to you.

(subject to your case report, location of debtor, and whether the debtor is located in a commercial or residential setting)


6. Committed To You

If your debtor fails to meet our demand, we will not stay put and accept their unresponsive behaviour or unreasonable excuses.

Instead, we will continue to make more field visits, through the use of multiple team members and our banners. This is to raise the awareness of the debtor that we are committed in recovering the money for you.

A team that is completely committed to engaging your debtor is vital for repayment.


7. Happy You, Happy Client

Once the repayment of your debtor is completed, the case is closed.

At JMS Rogers, our team of professional debt collectors are committed to each case we work on and we ensure that the people who owe you money pay.

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What Are Other People Saying About It?

"JMS Rogers changed my view on what debt recovery actually is. If it weren't for them, i would've been forced to choose between saving relationship or money. Now i saved both!"
John Doe
"Thank you, JMS Rogers, for doing something i thought wasn't even possible. My small business is still alive and thriving because of the debt you recovered for me. I'll recommend you to all my friends!"
John Doe
"I'd like to begin by saying that i have worked with a few debt recovery companies in Singapore in the last 3 decades, but none have been as professional and courteous as JMS Rogers. right from the very first consultation day, i knew i had found the people who can get our money back without creating an additional burden on our resources."
John Doe
"JMS Rogers made debt collection so easy that i almost forgot to pay them! Seriously, i'm writing this testimonial to let everyone know that this agency is the real deal!"
John Doe
"At first, i thought JMS Roger only worked with big wigs, but when i actually reached out to them as a small business owner, they made me feel like the most important client they have ever got. I booked a consultation on the very first phone call and got my money back within 3 weeks. Amazing!"
John Doe

How Can I Engage Your Service?

We know that privacy matters a lot to everyone, so you can count on us to keep all your information confidential.

We understand that trust is earned, not given. So we’ll do everything we can to become your guide, friend and confidante.

JMS Rogers is fully committed to recovering your broken promise so that you may never have another reason to distrust anyone.

Just give us a call or fill up the inquiry form below and we’ll se you up with a consultation session to see if we are indeed a good fit.

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*Results are not typical. Any success cases shown are not a guarantee that your debt is 100% collectable. We assess each case individually and advise clients accordingly.