Our Management - Singapore Debt Collection

Our Management

Mr Roger Rajan N. Nadar – Founder, Advisor & Mentor

Mr Roger serves as the Founder, Licensor and Chief Advisor of JMS Rogers Global Pte Ltd. With his extensive experience and networks in the years since 2004, building the JMS Rogers brand, he is key to the successful operations of the business.

Ms Christelle Menaga – Personal Assistant to Mr Roger Rajan

She possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Diploma in Law and Management. With her extensive years of experience in Human Resources, Operational Management and Public Relations, she assists Mr Roger in his mentorship of his businesses.

She also contributes to the media and content development of his businesses.

Mr Leroy Frank Ratnam – Chief Executive and Commercial Officer

Mr Leroy is a specialist in Mergers & Acquisitions having been contracted for many high-profile M&A projects in both the public & private sector in the last 10 years. He is a renowned Business Growth Specialist, having worked with numerous organisations regionally. He is also the founder of a regional technology firm that provides technology solutions to organisations seeking digitalization strategies and implementation. His extensive business acumen serves as key to the growth of JMS Rogers Global Pte Ltd.

Mr Fabian William – Chief Operating Officer

Mr Fabian is an ex-Special Operations Forces Operative and Ranger from the Singapore Commandos, and comes with more than a decade of experience in leadership, communication, military operations and tactics, intelligence, surveillance, protocols, rules of engagement and more. His years of service and experience is key to increasing efficiency and efficacy of the operations of JMS Rogers Global Pte Ltd as Chief Operating Officer.

Mr Dwayne Fonseka – Chief Financial & Intelligence Officer

Mr Dwayne is a Licenced Senior Private Investigator with extensive experience in the field of private investigations. His experience in intelligence and surveyance is critical in the operations of JMS Rogers Global Pte Ltd, as he leads the Intelligence and Field Enforcement teams in ensuring that our clients’ needs are met swiftly in his capacity as Chief Intelligence Officer.

Ms Joan Lau – Chief Administration Officer

Ms Joan Lau serves as the Chief Administration Officer of JMS Rogers. She manages the administration matters of JMS Rogers to ensure that the client experience journey is one that is effective and efficient. She ensures that the process flow of our day-to-day operations within JMS Rogers maintains our position as the leading asset recovery agency.

Mr Israel Shankar Ganesh – Head of Legal Department

LLB (Hons), University of London
Mr Israel heads the Legal Department of JMS Rogers Global Pte Ltd, and in his capacity as head of the aforementioned department, he provides the requisite legal perspective and recourse for our clients. His knowledge provides clients with quick and accurate information as to their options in asset recovery.

Mr Errick Yap – Asset Recovery Team Manager

Mr Errick serves as the Asset Recovery Team Manager, where he oversees the asset recovery team with more than 2 decades of experience in local and regional enterprises. His role is to ensure the swift and efficient recovery of assets for our clients. Coupled with years of negotiation and communication experience, he is well-versed in handling conflicts and disputes.

Mr Kyler Huang – Chief Investigations Officer

Mr Kyler serves as the Chief Investigations Officer, and his role is to provide timely and accurate intelligence to the Asset Recovery Team for them to execute their duties effectively. With many years of experience in gathering intelligence on the field, his knowledge and abilities have been a cornerstone to the recovery rate that JMS Rogers is known for.

Mr Jamez Roger – Field Enforcement Manager

Mr Jamez serves as the Field Enforcement Manager, in which he leads the teams of Asset Recovery Troopers. His extended years of experience have given him a specialist role of recovering assets even in the most difficult of situations. His leadership and knowledge of the industry has ensured that JMS Rogers has been recognized as the leading asset recovery agency.

Mr Thomas Yow – Commercial Dispute Specialist

Mr Thomas serves as the Commercial Dispute Specialist with JMS Rogers. He manages cases that involve commercial disputes between companies. He possesses a strong knowledge on commercial matters and regulations and uses it to successfully manage disputes with objectivity and efficiency.

Mr Kabilan Naidu – Private Dispute Specialist

Mr Kabilan serves as the Private Dispute Specialist with JMS Rogers. He manages cases that involve personal asset disputes between individuals. His extensive experience in providing empathy and professionalism to our clients and a firm approach to debtors has been key to our success rate.

Mr Dan Leong – Business Development Manager

Dan Leong comes with more than 17 years of experience in Business Development, having served in Sales & Business Development across numerous industries in his illustrious career. With his years of experience, Dan has developed strong communication abilities to provide our clients with the professionalism, accuracy and empathy that is required in the asset recovery industry. He strongly believes that every client deserves 100% of his attention and commitment no matter the intensity of the situation they are facing.

Mr Shyler Ting – Marketing & Media Relations Manager

Shyler Ting comes with extensive experience in analysis and research of market needs. His marketing acumen is critical in ensuring that JMS Rogers grows its presence in the asset recovery industry as we continue to be the leading asset recovery agency in the region. He leads the numerous campaigns on educating members of the public on Scam Prevention & Debt Collection/ Management Strategies. He also works with numerous media platforms to represent JMS Rogers and its viewpoints effectively to the public.