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Whether you are an individual or business entity, we will help you to recover your money.

Debt Collection For Individuals

You’ve loaned your hard-earned money to your friend.

You’re a victim of a scam syndicate.

You’ve purchased a product or service, paid the money and never received anything.

You are frustrated, aggravated, and feel as if you have been taken advantage of.

Fear not! We totally understand and we can help you.

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Debt Collection For Businesses

You agree to do work for a client who promised you the world.

You spend every bit of your time and energy in delivering the best experience possible to them.

In the end, you’re left with nothing but calls not picked up, emails full of broken promises and a liability that can potentially ruin your business financially.

It hurts, doesn’t it?

Put your worries away and learn more how we can help you.



For Local and Overseas

Our Legal Panel


Our key objectives listed below are tailored initiatives taken by our professionals to achieve the best potential outcome of the case, based on the merits of each individual case. These initiatives come with a Customised Service Cost, which would have been discussed and negotiated during the consultation meeting between the client and our management.

It is envisaged that these initiatives will increase the potential recovery of Monies owed.

Drafting, documenting and lodging Police Reports by our able consultants. Corresponding with the relevant authorities to ensure that appropriate investigations may commence based on the merits of individual cases.

Lifting of the corporate veil (Debtor), compounding of (Passport/Visa) to prevent movement out of jurisdiction, by the competent authorities.

Monetary Trail – Request for freezing of corporate and personal accounts to gather the trail of funds management and movement for designated period (Based on Case Report Time-Frame)

Ensuring (Debtor) becomes personally liable for owed (Sum/Costs)

Asset Tracing

JMS Rogers works with Sierra Partners Pte Ltd in Asset Tracing. Our partners and investigators at Sierra Partners have many years of experience in cross border asset tracing. Using both investigative desktop methodology and discreet source inquiries with our deep networks, we have managed to trace the assets for many cases, including high profile ones, in different jurisdictions. Such information is always a success factor in our clients’ asset recovery.

Send in your enquiries to we will be happy to discuss your case and provide a non-obligatory proposal.

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