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Most frequent questions and answers

It is a third party debt collector that helps creditors, whether you are an individual or business entity, to recover monies and goods that are rightfully theirs from their debtors.

If you are being owed money and have challenges recovering your money, engaging JMS Rogers who have more than 14 years experience in the debt collection field will be you wisest investment.

Tailored made approach to every case with the best interest of our clients in mind is our strength.

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At JMS Rogers, we are a professional debt recovery specialist. We have our systems in place to ensure it’s a faster and cost efficient process compared to other entities.

More importantly, we are able to gather intelligence from the ground on the respective debtors and advise our clients accordingly. 

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Depending on the situation of the debtor, we will usually discuss with the debtor a payment program that works out best for our client and the debtor.

We also have created secured payment gateways to collect payment wirelessly. Hence no excuses for debtors to miss payment due date. 

Yes. However in accordance with the Legal Profession Act (Cap. 161), we do not charge for such services.

We are not able to commence any legal proceedings, on your behalf, against any party. Our panel of legal advisers will only assist if required.

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We have consistently maintained a 65% recovery rate since our inception in 2004.

We acknowledge some cases cannot be settled due to death / incapacity / bankruptcy.

Hence as a professional debt collection agency, we always advise clients on the probability based on our 14 years of experience. 

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