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Helped A Friend In Need But Gone Missing In Action

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What do you do when someone close to you needed money and you could not resist assisting, even when that meant you had to wipe out your saving…. and then when things improved for them – you never heard from them? Tried calling them, but calls were not picked and they went incognito. Sounds familiar?

This is what happened to our latest client; senior staff of a financial institute. After exhausting all measures, they finally resorted to approaching JMS Rogers.

What happened next? Within 2 hours, our team and full resources were deployed to secure a written commitment from the debtor, to repay what was rightfully owed to our client. Within 2 months – the full outstanding (significant) sum was settled.

Attached herewith is a written testimonial on our swift and professional action to meet and exceed customer needs.

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Do be mindful when borrowing money; to protect your interest and not only the basis of ‘trust’ alone.

Please share this in the hope to create public awareness.

Stay alert, Be safe and practice social responsibility.

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