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JMS Rogers heartfelt appreciation to Indonesia

Heartfelt Appreciation to Indonesian National Police and Government Authorities

JMS ROGERS and our team would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Indonesian National Police together with the other government authorities and thank them for the extremely warm welcome and hospitality during our visit to Indonesia.

Although we had to start work immediately the minute we landed at the different agency departments to lodge reports, meet the legal team and the governors, you took the toll away by ensuring our journey through packed roads were smooth and added with personal protection.

You have shown us time and time again throughout our long working relationship with you over the years that we always feel safe and comfortable despite being in a different territory. We wish that this rapport will continue over many more decades to come as we strive to serve justice to our clients.

Thanks to our Indonesian elite specialist field enforcement counterparts for taking over the case and giving us the assurance that they will give their 101% effort and showing to us via their hard work every single time as it has been all along.

Also would like to thank the summit security department for this video footage.

To our followers and members of the public, take caution when dealing in coal mines or any type of business especially if your investment is in another jurisdiction. Please do your due diligence properly before investing your hard-earned money. We have heard of many instances where people have bitten the bait when the smaller investment receive returns but get caught in the big net when the investment amount increases.

From JMS ROGERS and our members of South East Asia. Please feel free to visit our website at www.jmsrogers.com to view our cases.

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