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Goodwill Is Not Being Reciprocated

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What happens when you give someone a chance to pay for his mistake but he chose to “Missing In Action”?

One of our client met with an accident involving a biker without a HELMET and valid LICENSE.

Out of good will, our client agreed to settle the issue privately without involving the police as it may affect the future of the “biker”.

What was suppose to be a good deed turns out to be a joke played on our client himself.

The biker did not reply to messages with regards to the payment for the damages.

A police report was made but nothing have been done.

Paired with financial loss and frustration, our client contacted JMS Rogers.

Mr Roger gave him advice and assisted him with the collection of payment from the “biker”.

We are very happy for the client! 

If you guys are experiencing similar issues or have enquiries on specific cases, feel free to message us 🙂

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