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Driven to a deal too good to be true

Driven to a Deal Too Good To Be True

Towards the end of April 2020, after perusing multiple car dealership catalogues, our client chanced upon a car dealership that was offering cars at promotional rates. She began correspondence with a car salesmen (John Doe) and after some short exchanges, was talked into providing her personal details under the pretext of the dealership assisting her with securing a loan for the purchase of the car.

Weeks passed and John Doe was MIA. Shortly after, another representative from the dealership, Jim Doe, contacts her claiming to have taken over the sale from his colleague and requested for personal information under the same pretext of securing a loan for the client. Jim also went MIA shortly after.

Confused and concerned, our client felt inclined to pull out from the sale, as she felt there was no contract or agreement set-up to rely on. She had also not been able to verify the quality of the car owing to restrictions imposed in lieu of COVID-19. But before she could, Jim Doe coaxed her into transferring a downpayment of SGD$1000/- to the company. After the transaction, she came into information about the substandard quality of the car and was shocked. Attempts to pursue legal proceedings  against the company failed and she approached JMS ROGERS(TM) for assistance.

Within 3 hours of receiving the information, JMS ROGERS(TM OWNER) recovered 80% of the amount and returned it to the client, pro-bono.

In these unsettling times, members of public should remain vigilant and ensure their transactions are accurately and transparently crafted. JMS ROGERS(TM) pledges to render quality debt recovery and private dispute resolution services for our clients. We recover broken promises.
Posted on behalf of Pisteuo pte ltd. Stay safe 🙌❤️
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