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jms rogers blogpost - He Kim Chun

Client Asked to Invest in Huang Zhen Hui Company

In 2019, an 80-yr old client approached Juris-EQ International Pte Ltd regarding a scam situation. She had been conned by one, He Kim Chun (pictured below), who attended the same temple as our client.

JMS Rogers - He Kim Chun

The scammer befriended our client and talked her into parting with her life-savings by investing in a Huang Zhen Hui company. The returns were cut short and soon after, the debtor refused to pay our client.

Juris-EQ International Pte Ltd then intervened and were able to recover approximately SGD$26,000/-. We also assisted our client in filing reports to the relevant authorities and authored petitions to highlight her crisis to higher officials.

The police reverted stating that the issue was one of civil concern and advised our client to pursue civil action to recover the remaining monies. The debtor, at this juncture, had absconded and our best efforts to locate her were unfruitful.

Our client has asked that we appeal to our social media base to locate the debtor in order to pursue the next course of action.

Should you have any information about the debtor, kindly inform us. We would like to ensure no vulnerable member of our community falls prey to such vindictive scammers henceforth.

Thank you and stay safe!

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