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Protecting the Vulnerable Adults

Protecting The Vulnerable Adults

Protecting the vulnerable among us It is trite law that any negotiations with an individual evinced to be of unsound mind would be rendered null and void owing to a proven lack of pre-requisites i.e. consent to follow-through with transactions. There remain, however, pockets of individuals who disregard the vulnerability of such individuals to extricate funds.
Recently, a representative of ‘V’ approached us with a dilemma regarding a possible defrauding case sizeable fortune after the passing of his mother. With the looming loneliness, ‘V’ went on to explore escort services and engaged ‘J’, a sex worker.
During the course of their interactions, ‘V’ revealed his fortunes and ‘J’ began cultivating a relationship understand the ordeal. Police reports lodged by ‘V’ further cemented his unsoundness and were JMS ROGERS™ approached ‘J’ shortly after to attempt a recovery of the monies, during which time we learnt that she was indeed aware of ‘V’’s psychological status and affirmed the sum that had been acquired during their interactions.
The recovery efforts were left incomplete as JMS ROGERS™ felt it vital that official law enforcement intervention is necessary to properly handle the situation.
Through the enactment of various legislations i.e. The Vulnerable Adults Act 2018 (No 27 of 2018) as well as case-laws that demonstrate the abject rejection of such behaviours i.e. Yang Yin, it is the stance of our society and the state that it is our duty to protect the interests of vulnerable persons and duly send a message that any attempts to cheat or defraud vulnerable individuals will be met with the heavy hand.
Posted on behalf of JECS (TM Owner)

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