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Case Study #009: Multiple Debtors 

We were approached by a client who had an issue with multiple debtors. He was in the business of providing software services to his clients and some of them stopped payment halfway during the development phases.

Our client sat down with us to explain each debtor and the reasons behind the payment delays.

Upon an investigation into each of the debtors, and advising our clients, we began operations for the enforcement of collections.

During the collection processes, we were exposed to some of the debtors using excuses such as:

1. Unhappy with the service provided.

2. What was delivered was differing from what was agreed upon.

3. Company cash flow cannot support the completion of the project.

4. Company closing down.

These are rather common, and with our experience in managing such situations, we got the results we wanted for our client through negotiations, mediation, and enforcement.

What can we learn from this:

1. Always clearly define expectations for what is to be delivered for your client. Ensure that everything is spelt out accurately in the contract.

2. Do your due diligence on the company that is taking on your services. Ensure that you are confident in their capabilities to make payments at the different stages of the project.

3. Understand your rights as a supplier when dealing with clients telling you they are closing down and not making payments.

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