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JMSRG250224 Case Study 3

Case Study #003: Bad Debts worth $55,500

This case was referred by our previous client who made an appointment with us at our office. He shared with us that he runs a renovation company and the debtor owed him an outstanding of S$55,500 for services rendered.

We requested for any proof, evidence and correspondence between him and the debtor so that we can assess the situation based on the facts.

Our investigations kick started and with the details on hand, we managed to contact the debtor after a few failed attempts. He argued with one of our case officers, claiming that he was unhappy with our client’s renovation works, and did not want to pay the balance owing.

We discovered a videoclip in the evidence we gathered. The videoclip showed that the job was done on the date as promised. It also showed our client showing the debtor around his house for the renovation works and the debtor mentioned “Well Done” in mandarin to our client in response to the quality of work.

We scheduled a meeting with the debtor in the following days but he failed to appear as he cancelled on the very last minute. Our case officer who was handling this case texted him for another meeting. He gave an excuse stating that he was unsure when he will be available via text . Our case officer immediately called him to arrange an appointment and to be serious about this or we will deploy our field team to pay a visit to him.

The debtor then arranged a date with us and our client the following week to mitigate this situation. The debtor was about an hour late for the mitigation. As usual, the debtor was unwilling to pay the remaining sum of S$55,500 and claimed that he was unsatisfied with our client’s service. At this point, we showed him the videoclip and he was speechless. With this evidence, the debtor paid our client at a later date in which our case officer followed up and transferred the outstanding amount.

What can we learn from this:

  1. Make sure you have video/photo evidence of services that has been rendered.
  1. Do not give in to unreasonable excuses and seek professional help immediately.

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