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Beware of JMS Rogers Impersonators

In recent times, our nation has fallen prey to scams. Scammers trick people into getting their hard-earned money. We deem it our social responsibility to spread public awareness and be mindful of how not to fall prey to such scams.
Recently it has been brought to our attention of impersonators claiming to be JMS Rogers field officers.
These perpetrators went to an individual’s house and demanded that he needed to repay a debt. After being harassed and abused by the perpetrators, the individual felt scared and unsafe and paid the perpetrators a small amount of money. The perpetrators also informed the individual to contact them directly and not via JMS Rogers.
After the above incident, the individual, sensing something was amiss, decided to contact JMS Rogers . JMS Rogers verified that the impersonators were not representing them and urged that the individual immediately make a Police Report (Report N/O. G/20210507/2152).
JMS Rogers field officers follow a standard operating procedure and abide by a code of conduct set by the Credit Collection Association of Singapore.
Our officers follow protocol and will not use force to get to the debtor. They are trained to negotiate peacefully to come to an amicable settlement that will appease all parties.
Scams comprised approximately 42 per cent of all reported crimes in 2020. To safeguard the public, we at JMS Rogers want to share how you could protect yourself if you believe that you are a victim of such scams.
If you feel that you are falling victim to a debt collection scam, ask for identification from the officers. Secondly, there would be a letter of demand which was sent before a house visit from debt collection officers. Thirdly, as mentioned earlier the collection officers should not be aggressive as they need to adhere to a strict code of conduct and lastly do not commit to any exchange of money if you are uncertain of the identity or representation of the debt collection officers.
Do be informed that this is not the first case where impersonators claiming to be JMS Rogers have been reported either in person or on social media platforms.
Mr Rogers strongly believes that these imposters tarnish the company name and reputation. He truly condemns such dishonourable and unethical behaviour that is going around in our society.
If you are in such a situation and you feel unsafe, please do not hesitate to call the Police or JMS Rogers for help.
Link to Credit Collection Association of Singapore Code of Ethics –…/CCASCodeofEthics.pdf

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