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jms rogers blogpost - Impersonator Beware

Impersonator Beware!

Impersonator beware!


We have recently received a few screenshots, detected by our comms team. It appears that individuals have been utilising the JMS ROGERS(TM) licensing name to recover debts or funds. This is blatantly fraudulent and is not endorsed by the licensor.

We would like to make known to our followers and members of public that JMS ROGERS(TM) is a licensor, not a company that engages in debt recovery. It cannot engage in any business transaction or recovery efforts as it is a brand registered with IPOS and not a formal corporate entity.

Please be mindful and do not fall for such traps. Should you receive such messages or claims, kindly forward us the information and immediately lodge a police complaint. Do not engage with the parties directly.

We suspect that this is a method of intimidation utilised to siphon funds from unsuspecting individuals. It could also be an attempt to implicate the brand in unsavoury situations. We advise all patrons and the public to take swift action to put a stop to such unscrupulous behaviours.

Thank you and stay safe.

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