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Public Service Announcement

It has come to our attention that for the past year, certain individuals with nefarious intentions, have been masquerading as representatives of JMS Rogers (Licensor No T0710594E / T07100595C.).

As per the information we’ve received,messages were sent from a WhatsApp account which was utilising the logo of our organisation and have been contacting members of the public. These illicit messages contained personal details of the affected parties, and were sent in a bid to coerce them to pay up on debts owed.


Upon further investigations on our part, we have concluded that there have been a total of 13 similar occurrences, this year alone, where members of the public had received such fraudulent messages and calls, and 4 particular cases where the affected parties had these impersonators turn up outside their place of residence.

We reached out to the affected parties and advised them first and foremost, to lodge a police report and to not hand over any money to these impersonators, in any circumstance. We also made a suggestion to the affected parties to fix an appointment with these miscreants, our sole purpose being to detain the latter and to hand them over to the relevant authorities. 

Some of the affected parties willingly agreed and in turn, we deployed a few of our legitimate representatives to the meeting venues. 

Unfortunately, despite waiting for countless hours on numerous occasions diligently at the deployed locations, our representatives were not able to apprehend these dubious individuals as they failed to turn up each time. We have not ascertained the real reason as to them not turning up, but we strongly believe that it might be due to the fact that they have gotten wind of the situation.


Upon lodging a report with the Singapore Police Force on behalf of our organisation, 3 of our separate representatives paid a visit to the premises that was touted to be the place of business by these egregious individuals. This address was our previous registered place of business, and currently houses a completely different business, the current proprietor who was completely clueless as to the happenings that have transpired.

During this unprecedented times of uncertainty, mainly due to the Covid Pandemic, there has been a rise locally in scams when the general public is being preyed upon by individuals who only look to gain monetary profits, and have absolute disregard to the consequences that may arise from it.

We urge the public to be vigilant and carry out due diligence on their own grounds. We are laying out a few simple steps to take into consideration should anyone face similar situations as narrated above;

1. Do not panic if anyone contacts them in regards to a debt owed. Instead, demand these “debt collectors” to furnish all necessary documentation that can legitimise their position as a legalized representative of JMS Rogers.

2. In the event, should there be any more doubt still existent even after the aforementioned documents have been showcased, do not hesitate to contact JMS Rogers or any other accredited company and we would be more than happy to assist you in the best way possible.

3. The safest way to make any payment in relation to monetary matters, is to do it at the premises that has been registered as the venue for business operations of the debt collection company, and to always request a receipt after said payment has been made as form of validation. All cheques should be addressed to the company name and in particular cases where payment is made via the PayNow platform, ensure that the transfer is made to a UEN No. that corresponds with the company’s details as reflected in the ACRA website.

4. Further expanding on points 1 & 2, our organisation understands that we are not the only ones operating a debt recovery agency and thus, there might be impersonators who could and would resort to stating that they might be representatives of other companies from our industry. In such an eventuality, always remember to follow the aforementioned guidelines, regardless of the company that is being represented. For your ease of reference, we have consolidated a list of recognised companies and their contact numbers;

● Fast Debt Recovery specialist PteLtd Ltd

● SDCS HOLDINGS PTE LTD aka Singapore Debt Collection.

● National Debt Collector

● Rocket Debt Collection

● Alan & Steiner Debt Recovery Pte Ltd

● Atradius Collections

● DMS Debt Recovery

● Accurate Debt Recovery Pte Ltd


Mr Roger vehemently condemns the despicable actions carried out by the perpetrators. The ethos of JMS Roger’s business operations was established with the focal point of ensuring that our representatives are well-equipped to negotiate professionally in all scenarios so as to achieve an amicable situation for all parties involved. 

Never will we stoop so low as to resort to any underhanded or coercive tactics to resolve any issue that we’ve been hired to handle. 

We as an organisation, pledge to uphold these principles and to always adhere to the regulations listed in the Credit Collection Association of Singapore Code of Ethics, to the best of our ability.

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