Maid Cheated More Than $6,000 in a Love Scam | Singapore Debt Collection
Maid Cheated More Than $6,000 in a Love Scam

Maid Cheated More Than $6,000 in a Love Scam

On Friday, 10th January 2020, JMS Rogers recieved a distress call from an Indonesian domestic worker named Wati. Miss Wati sounded extremely anxious and worried over the phone. She was constantly crying and could bearly even take a breath. JMS Rogers were able to counsel her and calm her down after a few minutes. Miss Wati, now stable, proceeded to share her tragic love story, where a Bangladeshi man cheated over SG$6,000 from her in the name of “love”.

Immediately the next day, 11th January 2020, Mr Roger assigned one of JMS Rogers’ consultants Jon to investigate this issue. Jon personally met Miss Wati and recorded facts after facts and endless information, covering all corners of the story.

Miss Wati first met the Bangladeshi man, Sheikh Rassel, in November 2014. They then got into a relationship for 4 months from January to April 2015. During this time, Sheikh used various creative excuses and reasons to get Miss Wati to give him her hard-earned money. Excuses such as insufficient money for rent, for a new iPhone, for daily expenses and etc.

Sheikh’s brother, Rakibul Hassan, was an accomplice in the crime. When Sheikh was not in the picture, Rakibul would try to get more money from Miss Wati. He would say that Sheikh was stuck in Bangladesh with no money, and that his passport had expired—hence, money was needed. Worried sick, Miss Wati sent over $1,600 to Rakibul to pass to Sheikh.

Overall, the brothers cheated over $6,000 from Miss Wati and only $100 has been paid back thus far. Miss Wati told us that she found out through other domestic workers that she was not their first victim. They had cheated 3 other acquaintances of hers—all innocent domestic workers like her.

JMS Rogers was able to search the Facebook accounts of the brothers with the given information. Sheikh was known as “Flower Rose” on Facebook. His account was completely fake to deceive the innocent. It stated that he was from the United States and that he studied in Singapore Polytechnic—which are all blatant lies. He then deactivated his account, creating another with the name, “Omie Love”. These Facebook accounts were intentionally made to lure and deceive innocent women by using love to cheat them of their money.

JMS Rogers proceeded to call the secretary for Ancheta Engineering & Trading(s) Pte Ltd, where Sheikh allegedly worked. We were informed that his work permit was still registered under them, however he was already doing ad-hoc jobs elsewhere. The secretary then gave JMS Rogers Sheikh’s personal mobile number to contact directly. JMS Rogers managed to get through with the given mobile number and made contact with Sheikh. When JMS Rogers confronted Sheikh, he said, “Do you have any evidence? Any proof? If have, come and find me.”

To this, JMS Rogers replied confidently that no one is above the law and there will be consequences. Sheikh then sarcastically told JMS Rogers to do the best it can.


2 police reports were already made since the incident in 2015, but nothing could be done by the Police Force, which advised her to find a civil consultant. Hence, Miss Wati turned to JMS Rogers as her final strand of hope after a friend referred her to the company. Mr Roger himself went to the Hougang Neighbourhood Police Post to aid with an additional report. On the same day, the report was lodged. (Report No. F20200111/2068). The case is now classified under “fraudulent debtor”.

Love scams cases are growing in South East Asia. Love scam cases increased by 30%, from 635 in 2016 to 825 in 2017. The total amount cheated also rose by 54%, from about $24 million to about &37 million over the same period based on an article from Channelnewsasia. Miss Wati herself deeply regrets falling naively prey in such a situation.

We, JMS Rogers, would like to sincerely urge all individuals, especially those away from family and friends, to think twice before giving away your hard-earned money. Do not be deceived by strangers, and please take caution when an individual whom you have just met starts asking you for money. Think about your family and yourself. Remember, love shouldn’t cost you a single cent.

Please share and spread the awareness. If you have stumbled upon a situation like this, immediately make a police report or seek us if you need quick advice. Stay safe!

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