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Invitation by Plan B Podcast Team

JMS Rogers_invitation by plan b podcast team
A few days ago, JMS Rogers was formally invited by the Plan B Podcast team to share comprehensive insights into effective debt collection procedures that could be beneficial to the general public, in light of the current climate surround debt recovery.
On top of sharing the proper conduct that has to be adhered to when debt collecting is initiated, we also shared our own views and opinions on how the debt recovery industry has changed thus far and the prospective steps that could be taken for it to change for the better in the future.
We are immensely proud to have been part of this initiative that has enabled us to educate the members of the public and would like to convey our deepest appreciation to the Plan B Podcast team for not only gifting us with such an opportunity but for also allowing us to hear from the relevant authorities on the new trend of scams (e.g E-commerce scam, providing Job Scams) that are prevalent in current times. This has in turn equipped us with the relevant knowledge that will only serve to enable us to be of greater service to our clients.
Stay tune for our next blogpost where we will share with you the Spotify link to listen on our interview!
Stay SAFE and stay VIGILANT, everyone!

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