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Ethical Debt Recovery Practices with Plan B Podcast Team

Catch our very own Mr Roger and our Chief Commercial Advisor, Mr Leroy Frank sharing their sagacity and erudition with the Plan_B podcast team in relation to the ethical practices that have to be adhered to in the Debt Recovery industry.
Additionally, the podcast episodes also feature dialogues from the relevant authorities which are essential to protecting the general public from falling prey to the trend of scams that have been pervasive in recent times.
We would like to extend our immense and heartfelt gratitude to Mr Abdul Rahman of ARLC Legal for granting us such an amazing opportunity.
The link for both episodes has been included in this post below.
JMS Rogers_Ethical debt recovery practices with plan b podcast team
Plan B Podcast Episode #257: Owe Money Pay Money
Click here to listen on Spotify
Plan B Podcast Episode #258: Asset Recovery
Click here to listen on Spotify

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