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A Case of Scamming Own Mother

Recently We met up with a client who had a very peculiar case to hand over to us. We have come across deliberate cases where the hunger and greed for money makes people do things against their comfort zones. They tend to cheat, lie and even go to the extremes of crimes to take away what does not belong to them without actually earning it.

But, this specific case showcases a son who decided to collaborate with his friend, and scam his own mother off her money. Yes, you heard me right. A son decided to play this trick on his own mother to dictate the situation and gather funds for their own benefit.

On a casual Morning on the first quarter of 2015, as Madam Mary, a single mother was getting ready to head to work, her son approached her room with a very convinced facial expression, beaming with excitement. He started narrating a brand-new business idea to her, whereby he had plans to integrate a new IT technology with an existing transportation business of his friend. He sold her the idea that his long-term friend has been having this transportation business for the last 3 years and it has been churning out substantial revenue consistently.

Madam Mary, who happens to have seen her son’s friend in family gatherings and functions, had a good impression of him and was convinced with her son’s pitch. Her son then proceeds to ask her for an initial capital investment of SGD $20,000.00. Being single parent and low-income personnel, she was unable to gather such a large amount at such short notice and was genuinely depressed at her inability to assist her son.

She somehow managed to borrow a sum of SGD $8,000 from her sister and paid it to her son. The money however could never be recovered and thus, she engaged our services.

Kindly follow this blog for the follow up of this peculiar case.

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