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How Debt Collection Really Works in Singapore

What do you think of when you hear the words “debt collector”?

Thanks to negative portrayals in popular movies, books, and other media, the process of debt collection has become more and more stigmatized. A typical Singaporean may fear the idea of debt collectors violently banging on their door and demanding money. You may imagine debt collectors as thugs, riddled with tattoos and threatening you with loud voices or bodily harm.

Luckily, this is far from reality!

Instead, Singaporean debt collecting agencies like JMS Rogers are filled with compassionate and empathetic employees dedicated to helping innocent people recover their funds.


Debt collectors in Singapore aren’t thugs—they’re professionals who understand how difficult life can become when debtors refuse to settle up.

These experts are systematic, dedicated, and smart about how they retrieve money for their clients. They’re familiar with the law and understand fully how they can work within Singapore’s legal system to recover the funds that rightfully belong to you.

Curious about how these practiced debt collectors get the job done? They make it look easy by generally following the steps below.

  1. When a client (like yourself) first approaches a debt collection agency, you will first participate in an individual consultation with an agency representative. This private meeting will allow you plenty of time to share the specifics of your situation with the agency. In turn, the debt collector will ask clarifying questions and request supporting documentation.
  2. Afterward, your representative will meet with other employees from the same agency. Together, they will review your case and build an effective plan tailored specifically to your circumstances.
  3. Utilizing a vast network of resources, debt collectors gather the information necessary in order to take action—all of their research is conducted fully within legal means! Plus, these collectors will continue to remain in frequent contact with you for the purpose of providing updates and requesting further contributions, if necessary.
  4. Then, with the best interests and well-being of both the debtors and the clients in mind, these debt collection agencies will contact the debtors in question. This is typically done first via letter. When debtors do not respond to the initial contact made by debt collection agencies, debt collectors will follow up with other means of communication or an on-site visit, if legally permitted.
  5. Most importantly, debt collecting agencies do not give up! Even while tackling the most difficult cases, they will remain cordial and professional with stubborn debtors, doing everything within their power to make sure your hard-earned money gets back in your hands.

See? This process seems perfectly logical and professional, right? No violence or intimidating behavior in sight!

If you still harbor nervous feelings regarding debt collection, or if the horrible reputation of unlawful debt collectors continues to worry you, fear not! Just as debt collectors hold debtors accountable for their actions, there are other entities who hold debt collection agencies accountable, too.


Singaporean debt collectors are subject to laws, regulations, and codes of conduct which prevent them from taking harmful actions against debtors. Acting as the voice and representative of debt collection agencies throughout the country, the Credit Collection Association of Singapore (CCAS) was founded in 2013 to set and uphold a standard of practice amongst debt collectors.

The CCAS has published a Code of Conduct and Practice to encourage regulation and professionalism throughout the credit collection industry—those who don’t comply with the conduct described are subject to disciplinary action.

Additionally, debt collectors in Singapore are also held to the basic confines of Singaporean law, meaning that actions including stalking, vandalism, intimidation tactics, and physical force are strictly prohibited.


As a result of Singaporean law and the Code of Conduct and Practice published by the CCAS, a number of actions can land debt collectors in legal trouble. These regulations ensure that debt collectors cannot:

  • Inflict injury (or harbor the intent to cause physical harm)
  • Intimidate debtors with foul language or physical gestures and actions
  • Vandalize the property or businesses of debtors—this includes the public posting of collection notices or banners on outdoor walls and at the debtor’s place of employment
  • Ganging up on a debtor for the purpose of harassment or intimidation, an action legally referred to as “unlawful assembly.”


Instead of frightening debtors into payment, debt collectors place more of their focus on assisting individuals who have been scammed, cheated, or taken advantage of. Debt collection agencies care about their clients, and they’re dedicated to preserving the dignity of both creditors and debtors alike.

Debt collection services like those provided by JMS Rogers regularly assist individuals who:

1. Lent money to their friends or family but are not being paid in a timely manner
2. Fell victim to one of Singapore’s many scams, including fake business opportunities or online love scams
3. Are cheated by a service and then refused a refund after multiple inquiries
4. Paid for a product or service but never received it as described
5. Are unable to contact the individual who owes them money
6. Struggle financially due to money lost from unpaid debts, scams, and dishonest business practices

Do any of these situations sound familiar? Consider reaching out!


The best thing you can do before asking for help from a debt collection agency is to do your research. Find an agency you can trust by searching for a top-ranked and highly-recommended agency like JMS Rogers, then investigate the company’s specific process to bring you further peace of mind.

If you’re still concerned about the negative reputation associated with debt collection agencies, or if you fear that working with a debt collection agency will result in unsavory actions against yourself or others, don’t be afraid to make your concerns known.

Trustworthy debt collection agencies will be more than happy to discuss these concerns with you and answer any questions you have about their collection process. After all, your satisfaction and comfort are their top priorities!

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