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jms rogers blogpost - He Kim Chun

Client Asked to Invest in Huang Zhen Hui Company

In 2019, an 80-yr old client approached Juris-EQ International Pte Ltd regarding a scam situation. She had been conned by one, He Kim Chun (pictured below), who attended the same temple as our client. The scammer befriended our client and talked her into parting with her life-savings by investing in a Huang Zhen Hui company. …

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jms rogers blogpost - to answer or not to answer

To Answer or Not To Answer?

We have the answer! Telephone prefixes have been a part of communications for some time. To facilitate cross-border and international communications, every country has its own prefix. Singapore’s prefix ’65’ has been hijacked by scammers who pose as local callers in order to contact localswithin the community. From posing as officials to siphoning information vis-a-vis delivery delay scams, these contact scammers …

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Protecting the Vulnerable Adults

Protecting The Vulnerable Adults

Protecting the vulnerable among us It is trite law that any negotiations with an individual evinced to be of unsound mind would be rendered null and void owing to a proven lack of pre-requisites i.e. consent to follow-through with transactions. There remain, however, pockets of individuals who disregard the vulnerability of such individuals to extricate …

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Driven to a deal too good to be true

Driven to a Deal Too Good To Be True

Towards the end of April 2020, after perusing multiple car dealership catalogues, our client chanced upon a car dealership that was offering cars at promotional rates. She began correspondence with a car salesmen (John Doe) and after some short exchanges, was talked into providing her personal details under the pretext of the dealership assisting her …

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