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A Case of Close Friend Cheating Senior Citizen of $218,000

A new fresh case cracked by our dedicated team.

Madam Christine, a wheelchair-bound senior citizen had lent a sum of SGD $218,000+ to the debtor, a friend of her son.

She treated him as her own son and helped him for the purpose of his marriage and business expenses in cash.

The monies were given by her to the debtor on various occasions of various sums, totaling SGD $218,000.

Madam Christine’s son has special needs and is a childhood friend of the debtor.

The debtor did not return the money for 3 years and went on incognito For a good 8 months, he was even uncontactable and could not be found.

Madam Christine lodged a police report and sought help through various legal channels. As there was no meaningful conclusion, Mdm Christine slipped into depression.

Finally, upon recommendation from a close friend, she approached JMS ROGERS, and confirmed their engagement within 48-hrs.

A team led by Field Enforcement Manager Mr. David, our in-house Consultant and the expertise of an ex-law enforcement senior officer, the debtor was cornered within 72-hours.

He admitted to the misdeed and a repayment plan is in progress. Madam Christine has finally had her prayers answered, and is exhilarated that the debtor conceded and acknowledged the debt.

This serves as a learning opportunity for everyone in our community. At times, even our closest and dearest may lead us into such sad situations.

Instances, where con-artist or scammers take advantage of such victims, should never be condoned.

Beware and let’s spread this awareness to prevent further cases of the vulnerable being exploited.

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